Wednesday, March 13, 2002

Travelling in Europe Dream

I'm travelling in a European spanish-speaking country and go to park my rental car in an open-air parking lot. There is a parking attendant who directs me to drive past the section for Daily Parkers and Monthly Parkers to a group of automobiles underneath a big blue and white sign that reads, "BASTARDS". I park there, get out and head for the subway system.

For some reason (I don't question this in the dream) busses are running through the subway system. I get aboard a dilapidated bus (circa 1955) and we get moving. We proceed through the tunnel system and emerge running parallel to a river. On the river are two men wearing tweed jackets and hats in a rowing scull. An announcement comes over the P.A. system in the bus informing us that Interpol is tracking two IRA terrorists travelling along the river beside our bus. The voice continues to tell us that the two men have plans to blow up the bus and that they will be getting on at the next stop. All the passengers are asked to remain on the bus so as not to alert them to the fact that Interpol is tracking them.

"Forget that noise," I say to myself, "I'm going to pretend that I had planned to get off at the next stop anyway." I climb out the back door of the bus and come face to face with the terrorists as they are walking to the front of the bus, preparing to get on. Then I woke up.

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