Wednesday, March 20, 2002

"So, Sean, it's three days before your first swim meet in 19 years. You just came from the last practice before the meet. How do you feel?"

In a word ... tired. It was a hard practice, but I think that my strokes are efficient and strong, turns and starts are good and I'm sure that the adrenalin will help me move when the gun goes off. There is one problem - Jenn (the wife, not the coach) has been baking lately. Bread, buns, pull-apart loaves and (my kryptonite) chocolate chip cookies. Goodies have been appearing faster than I can come up from the basement office and eat them. I'm doing my best to make room on the counter and cooling rack for the next baked delicacy, but somehow I think it's a losing battle. And these pants are definitely starting to feel tighter.

Anybody know how I can loose 20 pounds in the next three days WITHOUT surgery?


I'm getting to be a bush-head, too. I think I'll get a haircut tomorrow.

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