Tuesday, March 19, 2002

Gladness was had by many in the Collins Household over the past two days. Yesterday was Good Report Card Day for Banana and McMonk. Jenn aced a big, big presentation at work yesterday, proving to management that they did the Right Thing when they hired her. I attacked my "To Do" list, beating it back down below ten items. All around, it feels like the Collins family is running on all eight cylinders.

The weather is been terrible, though. We've had a cold, snowy March so far. Tomorrow is the first day of spring and we're still gripped by very un-spring-like temperatures ( -18c as a *high* today - brrrrr!). I'll be glad when it gets back to bike-riding weather again.

Tomorrow starts some infrastructure building at the Treehouse. I'm going to do hardcore planning regarding how the network will be set up and implementing some of those plans PDQ. I also had a look at some phone equipment that we may be making use of. Research and planning, research and planning ... I just can't get enough!

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