Saturday, March 30, 2002

My kingdom for a spoke wrench.

I'm getting my mountain bike all tuned up for spring (and summer and fall) commuting. I was down at MEC today to buy a new set of fenders so that I could arrive at The Treehouse in style. As flexible and accepting as folks are there, I doubt whether the mud skunk stripe would go unnoticed.

Upon installing the fenders, I decided it would be a good time to check all the other things that need checking - tire pressure, chain tension, broken cog and chainring teeth, brakes - that's when I discovered that one spot on the back rim is rubbing quite badly on the right brake. If I could find my spoke wrench, I could take care of it toot sweet, but spoke wrenches are sort of like nail clippers: you remember buying them but you can't remember where you last had them.

Tuning my bike is a labour of love - a love that I've neglected for some time. I guess I'll go dig around in the shed. Wish me luck.

Update: I found my spoke wrench, but it turned out to be more serious than just needing a tightening - the spoke was broken off at the nipple.

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