Sunday, September 08, 2002

Being busy is difficult at the time, but a blessing in retrospect.

This weekend was filled with friends and relatives coming and going at the Collins House, the whole while holding up the slate of scheduled activities (door installation, laundry, Aibo training and other mundane tasks). Jenn's parents, my family, and some of Banana and McMonk's friends stopped by. Our neighbors (Mr. G and the Serial Talker) both spent some time hanging over the fence. I found myself getting frustrated at the hullabaloo that was swirling around me. I had all this stuff to get done and these people were hanging around. What gives?

Then, it occurred to me that that the Collins House is becoming a great place to hang out.

I kinda like that. I guess I'll have lots of quiet time once my kids are moved out and all my friends and relatives die off.

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