Tuesday, September 03, 2002

Well, I finally done it. I'm now an Aibo owner.

There I was, minding my own business on eBay, when suddenly my lowball bid is at the top of the pile and I'm a successful bidder.

Now what to do? Jenn has poignantly reminded me that I have a finite amount of time, some of which is taken up with sleeping, work, chores and family responsibilities. When am I going to learn about and play with this fun little guy (oh gawd, I'm thinking of it as a live creature terms already).

I'll just have to fit it in somehow. Heh heh.


Swim team starts tomorrow, and I can't say I'll be sorry to start training again. Personal goals have been set - we're approaching the swim team with the attitude that these goals will be met by the end of the season. The Torpedo and the Two Broads should be back this year (along with a whole fresh cast, I'm sure) to make the whole experience entertaining. I can't wait.

We'll see if my muscles are singing that same song tomorrow at this time.

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