Friday, September 20, 2002

These past few days I've been blogsessing. Blogsessing (similar to obsessing) is where you check a blog more than once a day. Don't worry, it's not one particular blog - it's all of them. Believe me, I have better things to do.

This weekend I am getting rid of some junk by holding a garage sale. Garage sales bring out the most interesting characters. The single parents; the new immigrants; the 40-something DINKs looking for antiques; the crazy collectors ("you got any Olympic trading pins?"); I enjoy and detest them all at once. From my last sale (a year ago) i noticed that few University-type students tend to make the rounds in my neighborhood, which is a surprise, considering I'm so close to a University campus. I'll be happy to get rid this junk. I have to admit that I love to haggle and deal with the shoppers. Especially when I really don't want to keep anything. Whatever doesn't get bought gets thrown out on Sunday.

Feel free to drop by and buy some crap.

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