Wednesday, February 12, 2003

I’m standing firmly on two feet. I’m now beginning to consciously shift the weight onto my right foot. As I do so, I can feel the friction of my shoe against the carpet lessening. I’m now using my quadriceps and gastrocnemius muscles to unlock and flex my knee, lifting my foot into the air. I'm conscious ofo how high I lift my foot off the ground and the path that it is taking. I’m now relaxing my gastrocnemius muscles and using my hip flexors to move my left leg forward, adjusting balance on my right foot so that my center of gravity begins to move forward. As my center of gravity passes the ball of my right foot, I flex the quadriceps and ankle dorsiflexors in my left leg, which straightens my knee and brings my foot in contact with the ground. Once I have tactile feedback from my left foot that it has touched the ground and has good traction, I evenly transfer my weight from my right leg onto my left leg.

In order to clear up some problems, I’m doing things very deliberately right now.

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