Saturday, February 15, 2003

Tonight, almost by chance, I watched a movie with Banana and McMonk called "Little Secrets". Definitely a 'tweener movie - the main character was a fourteen-year-old girl that had (successfully) appointed herself as the official secret-keeper of the neighborhood. When any of the kids in the neighborhood did something or knew something that they couldn't ell anyone but HAD to tell someone, they went to Emily to tell her, usually getting some advice along with the promise of a trusted confidant. The plot thickens as Emily's advice to the owners of the secrets starts to backfire and she has to deal with learning some secrets that she doesn't want to know.

An interesting premise, in the same way that childhood fables are interesting. There are some interesting twists and surprises in the story, but the morality play becomes somewhat transparent to the older, jaded story-viewer. Still, I would recommend this movie to any 'tweener or adult who has to entertain one for two hours. There is potential for some good discussion afterwards.

One of the main lessons was "you can't keep secrets if you want to live a genuine life." This adage rings true, even if it is one that I, after all these years, struggle with. I've always been uncomfortable confronting people, but my job and my role as parent (and now son) are forcing me to learn and practice this skill of forthright-ness. Wish me luck.

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