Sunday, April 20, 2003

First outdoor highway bike ride of the year. I was out for a little over an hour and a half - first time should be gentle. Rode from the west edge of Calgary to Cochrane and back. Time for a body roll call.

Legs - feeling good. Lots of kick from the stationary riding we've done so far this year. Out of the saddle riding is way more fun outside but quite unfamiliar. On the road it's harder to get the heart rate up to the target range, but we'll keep on trying.

Lungs - Glad to be out of that hot, poorly ventilated exercise room at the club. Loving that fresh air.

Arms - the forearms are surprisingly sore. It must be from riding on the randoneur style bars. Could be that my handlebar stem has too much reach.

Feet - Fell asleep three quarters of the way through the ride. They vote for new shoes.

Hands - not too cold - the open-fingered gloves seem to do the trick on nice days like today.

Crotch and Naughty Parts - Just fine. Thanks for asking.

Eyes - Lots to see. They loved the clear view of the mountains today and seeing so many other cyclists on the road. They promise to get better at spotting dog poop and gravel. Next time.

Back - a bit stiff from being bent over, trying to minimize the impact of the wind.

All in all, a great ride. No flats, no crashes, 18 Celsius, only one crabby driver blowing his horn at me (okay, I was going the wrong way on the on-ramp at Crowfoot Crossing, but hey, I was on the shoulder). I even had a couple of skinny guys with big legs meet up with me when I turned around at Cochrane. I stuck with them until they turned off Highway 1A and headed south. We were pushing 45 km / hour for most of the way back. I had forgotten what good pack riding can do for your average speed. The older (60+ ) of the two even said, "Nice to see some else still riding a metal frame." I think that was a compliment.

I'll look forward to more sunny days on the open road with my buddies this summer.