Monday, April 28, 2003

Props to actor Tim Robbins for giving his less-than-popular point of view to the National Press Club regarding the growing xenophobia and stifling of free speech that is going on in the United States right now.

Reading this article reminded me of an incident last week. My neighbor, the Serial Talker, cornered me and told me that he thought Jean Cretien was a coward for not joining Bush in his attack on Saddam Hussein. I listened for two or three minutes to a left-wing tirade of how terrible the Eastern-Canadian Liberals were and how we need to follow the US' lead in this war on terrorism. I didn't argue with him, but I didn't agree either.

I now wish that I had said something to indicate I specifically didn't see eye-to-eye on his opinions. Being complacent and compliant is what happens when your whole childhood is spent hearing rhetoric that doesn't make sense or seem logical but is fervently held by a physical, intimidating man.

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