Sunday, April 13, 2003

This morning, my van's transmission made a horrible 'thunk' noise while I was driving it down 19th street. It then refused to pass on any torque from the engine to the rear wheels.

"Vroom, vroom," went the engine, but nowhere went the wheels. Drive, reverse, first gear, second gear, nothing.

I had it towed to the mechanics who, I'm sure, will give it their full attention on Monday when they are open again. I can hope for a cheap repair, but not too fervently. I seriously think that our old Aerostar, after 285,000 kilometers, at least 4 major accidents, 2 break-ins, three sets of tires and brake pads, copious use as people / computer part / lumber / luggage / rubbish hauler and more rust and body damage than is obvious at first glance, may have reached its day to be euthanized.

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