Saturday, April 05, 2003

Tonight, after all the hubbub and activity had died down, I went into McMonk's room to find her silently clearing a space in her shelf for new Hamtaro house. I sat on the corner of her bed and watched her happily working away and reflected on the past year. click here a bigger pictureI've noticed that she is no longer the short, sturdily-built little rugrat that she once was - she's stretching out and filling into her shoulders. Playful as she is, a serious, thoughtful and considerate personality is blossoming in this, my youngest daughter.

She looked so much older at that moment that I felt compelled to give her a big hug. I called her over and she came and sat down (no climbing needed anymore) on my knee. I said to her, "Happy birthday. Your mom and I have decided to keep you for another year."