Wednesday, March 07, 2001

Do you deal with enough dissatisfied people? How about people that are dissatisfied enough?

Dissatisfied people are the ones that affect change. There's some stuff in my life (work, specificially) that needs to change, and there are other dissatisfied people around here that are sharing in my angst, but they're not angry (or cohesive) enough to do anything about it. There is a gentle rumbling that all is not right. I'm not sure what I would do if I were king, but I'm starting a list.

The powers that be have sent their answer to our woes - a corporate hug-meister to present and lead a 3 hour discussion in "Dealing With Change", but I think that they missed the boat. My colleagues and I have been dealing with change since we've come to this happy red brick building, and you know what? We're good at it. The stuff we need help with is Dealing with Bureaucracy, or Dealing with Head-Office Indecision and/or Indifference. Or how about Dealing with Stress (stress being defined as being aware of something that needs to be changed and not being able to change it). I'd sure go to any of those seminars.

Don't get me wrong, I think our company and the people that I work with have the potential to do great things - it's just that we need to get our shit together, get angry, deal with the things that are frustrating us and get back to work on some great projects.

Anybody with me?

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