Monday, August 13, 2001

I know I'm in the United States when I go into a gas station, glance over at the Road Food / Tasty Treats section and see "Pigglett's Deep Fried Pork Skins". Yum.


Boy am I ever glad that that vacation is over, and that I get to reacquaint myself to working life by spending a week in Seattle at corporate headquarters ...



Today we were inconvienienced by having to wait for the State Troopers to clear an accident on a bridge that I wanted to cross on my way to Seattle. After waiting for a while, I found out from another motorist (who had turned around and was heading for an alternate route) that the delay was due to a fatality. I then realized that waiting for a hour was way, way better than the fate that the poor Joe met on the bridge. Suddenly, my wait didn't seem like such a bad thing.

Think about that next time you are stuck in traffic and are getting impatient.

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