Friday, August 31, 2001

This week looks to end on a cheerful note. Outside of work, I've found a friend who needs a hand setting up and tweaking some networking stuff. I'm having a blast creating, fixing, advising, adding, ... you know, growing stuff. Sticking around and shutting down the office has been harder than I could have imagined (psychologically), but I just can't leave, due to financial and moral reasons (I promised I'd stay). This extracurricular challenge outside of work is really tickling my fancy, though. I wonder if any of my workmates notice the spring in my step.

My buddy's network is built around Windows 2000, so I am fine tuning my skills to properly give him a hand. I'm having a blast learning (and re-learning) about the grassroots of it and all the bells and whistles that come included. It has the potential to do some neat stuff. I am also putting in a lot of time on my home network, kicking Things One and Two off their computers so I can experiment. The bottomless trough of Microsoft software that I have at work (solely for evaluation and testing purposes, I assure you) is coming in very handy.


It was Jennifer's birthday yesterday. She was feeling old, so I got her a shawl and a rocking chair. She loves me anyway.

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