Saturday, August 18, 2001

We are on the road again, headed back to Calgary after a week of somewhat busy work for the Seattle head office. Spending the week down there was nice and everyone was pleasant, although I felt like a freshly diagnosed cancer patient when they asked what my fate would be "after, you know ..." (and their voices would trail off). I would take a bit of glee in finishing their sentences with "You mean, 'after Getty closes the office and fires us all?' Well, I'm not sure." It was a bit of mean fun, making them squirm a bit, but it is true - I DON'T know what I'm going to do after the lights go out in our happy brick building for the last time.

The Seattle Crew are a well meaning bunch, and in a year a two I'm sure they will get their act together and finally get the company to show a profit, but first they have to turn into BigCo. I don't want to be around for that. I get little panic flutters every once in a while when I think of being unemployed, but when I listen to my heart, I know that I don't belong there.


One of the fun things that I did in Seattle was to rent a tandem bicycle. It was a hoot - Jenn and I went for rides after work (seeing the Lake union area) and I took it to work by myself. As I rode along Westlake Avenue, empty seat trailing along behind me, I hoped above all hopes to find a hitchhiker.

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