Friday, December 07, 2001

Banana has a ringette tournament in Lethbridge this weekend, so I'm taking the day off tomorrow to make it down in time for the first game. It will be a two hour drive to the hotel (with waterslides, no less). I've decided the laptop is coming along.

Blogging? Perhaps.

Work on the new corporate me? That's the plan.

EyeWire stuff? I don't think so. We close in 15 working days.

"So, what's your next move, Mr. Smarty-Man-Losing-Your-Job?" You may not know The Plan. As my end date is january 31st, I will be headed for the mountains to ski my brains out in February. After I've had enough skiing, I imagine (or rather, I'm told) I will want to find the working me again.

I've decided that I don't want to work at another standard "job." I am toying (quite vigorously) with the idea of creating and operating my own computer support and consultation company. I am working on a viable business plan and have, perhaps prematurely, asked some talented folks to help me out with a corporate identity. Then again, I usually come up with my best ideas when I'm under a deadline. I hope I have the innards of the company finished by the time they design what the outside is to look like.

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