Monday, December 31, 2001

This evening, I run.

For our New Year's celebration, Jenn and I have signed up for a 8 kilometre event (sponsored by a local fitness shop) called The Resolution Run. I haven't trained (by running, that is) at all. I hope my basic fitness level (from swimming) and my longer stride will help me to keep pace with my wife. Why did I do it?
  • I wanted to do something different this year.
  • I wanted the free wind jacket that goes with being in the race (the entry fee was less than the jacket's price)
  • I wanted to model positive activities for our kids. I hope that they learn to mark special events like this with athletic endeavors instead of drunken binges.
  • I wanted a little adult time with my sweetheart.
  • I wanted to work up a good appetite before going over to our friends' place after the run.

Anyway I look at it, this is a good thing to do. Anyway except looking at the physical exertion part. Damn! I almost forgot about that.

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