Friday, December 07, 2001

Tonight's soundtrack: Just the whir of the cooling fans

Crabby people are the spice of life. People who not satisfied to go with the flow, settle for what everybody else has, not make a fuss. By stating opinions, we offend, alienate others, cause ourselves to be pigeon-holed, intimidate, anger and otherwise ruffle the feathers of those with whom we interact. When someone asks your opinion, replying with a lame, agreeable response is akin to saying, "I don't want to discuss this subject." An opposing viewpoint is what educates - challenges us to rethink and defend our stance.

When I refer to crabby people I don't mean whiners who disagree for sympathy. These types I can't stand. Nor do I mean angry people who throw reason out the window and use their base instincts to drive their actions. I am speaking of those who need a very good reason to change their opinion.

Have you ever spent a length of time in the company of someone who is totally compliant? Someone who is willing to bend to your every opinion, never take a stand of their own about an issue or present a different argument for a point taken? Conversations seem to go nowhere. Although with a crabby person you may get your opinions thrown back at you, you at least can carry a statement out into a proper conversation.

I started out my life as a compliant person. I did a bit of time in self-effacing mode and probably went through a whiny phase. I like to think I've reached self-assertive, but I have to remember, I am Canadian. I plan of making the progression to crabby as I reach about sixty, finally hitting my stride as a full blown curmugeon at about seventy-five years of age. I consider myself an intersting person to talk to, especially after I've had a drink or two.

So next time we meet, if something's bothering you, let me know.

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