Tuesday, December 04, 2001

Soundtrack: drone of Technology Manager's Meeting via phone conference (yawn).

I insist that my daughter's seven and nine-year-old friends address me by my surname. As a child, I remember being introduced to my neighbors as Mr. and Mrs. Prince, Mr. and Mrs. Creighton, and so on. I think having the difference of using someone's proper title is a good reminder that those being addressed should be treated a little differently - perhaps with more respect. In my experience, it just doesn't feel right running around, screaming "Mr. Prince, Mr. Prince!". Anybody that was addressed by their surname spoken to in a calm voice, standing still right in front of them.

When I introduce my children to people, I ALWAYS introduce the adults using their last names. The adults (usually parents of my daughter's friends) quickly correct me by saying, "Oh no, dear. Call me Maureen." If the adult is comfortable being addressed by their first name, I'm OK with it, too. If another adult introduces me by my first name to someone under 18, I'll politely re-introduce myself by saying, "That's right, but you may call me 'Mr. Collins.' "

This may seem a bit curmudgeon-y, but I'm sticking to it.

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