Friday, December 28, 2001

I am enjoying (except for the part where I clean up dog barf in the wee hours) having this week as a "work from home" week. This is the first time in my working career that I have had virtually no commitments, impending deadlines or "on call" status to answer to during the Christmas season. Being at others' beck-and-call definitely has its disadvantages.

The past three days have seen me lounging about the house (for a whole day on Wednesday); cooking meals with, instead of for, my kids; teaching Banana how to play backgammon; spending the day at an indoor wave pool; working on a business plan for my new company; even doing some recreational reading - an insightful if not dark book I received for Christmas.

I am also planning a little getaway to someplace warm once I am done work.

Speaking of being done work, guess who quit her job in our happy brick building and is leaving on the exact same day as me? Don't panic though - she starts a new job in mid-February. I just can't get enough of this "change" stuff. Jenn's new position should be a whole new can o' worms, giving her the challenge she seems to need in her work life. As for me, I'm happy to just keep ahead of the challenges that come and find me in my work life.

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