Tuesday, January 01, 2002

My quadriceps ache. My calves ache. My illio-tibial bands ache. My left ankle aches. It hurts to go up stairs and don't even ask about going down stairs. Oh, did I mention that I was in a 8 km race yesterday? Jenn outpaced me by twenty-two seconds.

The race itself was a great amount of fun. Seven hundred of us showed up to run away from the old year and into the new. It was dark (of course), cold and there were roadside flares marking each kilometre. One of the sponsors had provided some chili as a post-race apparitif which, thanks to the advice of some earlier finishers, we did not partake in. I wore MY lobster gloves, too. God, I love those things.


Jennifer (the swim coach) called this evening and said that practices start again tomorrow and she'd like to see me out then.

Isn't that welcoming and friendly?

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