Wednesday, January 23, 2002

While I am waiting for some software to install, here are some updates.

We are going to Cancun for our unemployment getaway, not Aruba as originally planned. I'm sure that the scuba diving there will be almost as enjoyable, the beer just as cold, the mobile phone almost as far out of range and EyeWire just as distant a memory.

My tooth feels better now, thank you for asking. An emergency trip to the dentist took place on Monday evening and then suddenly everything was soooo much better. It didn't hurt to just be awake. Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, Dr. J..

Over the past few weeks, we have been working hard to help McMonkey bring her study habits and frequency up to those of her sister. I'm happy to say that after creating a few positive study experiences, McMonk is now enjoying study time, and therefore kicking butt and taking names in her weekly spelling tests. Just like 'er ol' man. Yessir.

Jenn and I took in a timeshare show Tuesday evening on a dare. It was painless. I think we were outside of their target IQ. We didn't buy anything, but we got revved up about our upcoming trip to Cancun. Eight more sleeps.

I keep missing swim practice (averaging one missed practice a week) due to Geek and Company work. I gotta snap out of doing that.

I'm enjoying tuning into Internet-based music broadcasts (just like radio, but with waaayyyy more expensive hardware). The Blues channel is keeping me going right now. What a entertaining way to chew up network bandwidth.

I'm also enjoying reading The Princess Diaries to Banana and McMonkey. The language works very well for me.

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