Wednesday, January 23, 2002

I got rid of a huge amount of surplus equipment at the ol' office today. I spent a large portion of my day dismantling the Aspect System (the phone system our call centre relied on for so many years). I was proud to say that I was able to do it in an orderly fashion, so that someone else can make use of it. I've seen a few "decommissonings" that were done by chopping all the cables off six inches away from the case, rendering the equipment useless. I hope that some good comes out of this desecration of this company - that some people are able to able to make good use of the remains.

For some reason, getting rid of the big, expensive, hard-to-sell pieces has lifted a huge weight off me. There is still lots of little stuff around (buckets of cables and such), but if time is getting tight, I can chuck any leftover bits in the garbage in short order.

I'm feeling like the the end of my time here is within reach.

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